But really more like chunks than the title would suggest. I have lots of thoughts in my head and every intention of actually blogging them but it just hasn't happened. So I'm going to dump them all here and see if I can work up a rhythm for regular blogging by starting with a clean slate.

We'll see.

There is a thing in photography called the golden hour. As the name suggest it is the time of day that is particularly good for taking pictures. Photographers covet this hour because of the beautiful soft light. Saturday I was reminded that early morning has some rather beautiful light of it's own. I can't share any of the pictures yet since it was a bridal session but in the ten minutes it took to leave my house in the pitch black to hitting the interstate gas station by Pensacola Bay this happened and I had to stop and take a few pictures. I should maybe explore this early morning light more often.


As I've gotten older I have become less and less of a candy person. Which is something because at one point in my life I ate a Reese Cup and drank a Sprite every day for a snack. Now I might have the occasional piece but I can take it or leave it but with Halloween last week I've been rather indulgent and I've learned few things. Firstly, I underestimate the yumminess of plain M&M's and secondly, I seem to like Kit Kat's.  Who knew? Thirdly, I really love twizzlers but I got a really bad headache after eating them twice so I think I'm going to steer clear. And fourthly, whoppers are still gross.

I'm a little bit behind in the Bible Reading Challenge but am amazed at how connected the Old and New Testaments are. I realize this is a simple observation but the connection and overlap is so clear and even more so when time is spent in reading from both. It really has added a depth and richness to my Bible reading.

Related to that is Bible Study Fellowship. Boy, do I love the book of Romans! We had such great discussion in last weeks class. One of the things I shared was how, right in the midst of David's soap opera with Bathsheba, was the simple phrase , "And the Lord sent Nathan." Chapter eleven ends with God being displeased with David but in the very next chapter He is sending Nathan to rebuke and call David to  repentance. It reminded me how much we need Nathans in our lives, people who can call us to confront our sin.

Later that day I would also come to realize how we need to be willing to let there be Nathans in the lives of our kids. I mean, it's easy for us to feel like we're fulfilling that role in their lives but truly we need to be willing to have other people carry out that task sometimes too, which can be much much harder. But other people can bring a perspective and shed light that we need and our children need. I want to hold on to this thought as we approach parent/teacher conferences at school. Not that I am expecting trouble or bad reports but I want my kids' teachers, who spend a lot of hours with my kiddos each day, to be willing to be Nathans to the sin in their lives. And I want to be open and to hear them if they have reason to be a Nathan.

On a lighter note, our Sabbath lunch was not exactly all I had hoped it would be for reasons outside my control, I might add. Sam was quite funny though and afterword came up and hugged me and said, "Nice try with lunch, Mom." It made me laugh. I was also grateful that the two families we had invited over for the fellowship had to cancel. That was God's kindness to them I think :-)

What else has been rattling around in my brain?

Time change. Ugh, ugh, ugh. I've never been a fan but Oh.My.Goodness, yesterday afternoon lasted forever and I was up by 4 o'clock this morning! That's right...four in the A.M. I've unloaded the dishwasher, folded a load of laundry and washed another load. And here I am blogging and it's not even five in the morning.

Big wedding weekend coming up with the marriage of one of our church members on Saturday and my nephew's wedding on Sunday.

Looking forward to a long weekend with Friday off for Veteran's Day.

Got a notice that it is time for my yearly renewal with the blog. Which ever always puts me in a place of considering whether to keep blogging or not. In theory, to be a successful blog you're supposed to blog regularly and often. It isn't hard to see that I am in a season of not blogging regularly so inevitably I question whether to be done or not. Which means I spend time examining why I even blog and exactly how should I judge whether it's successful and should that even be a consideration. And if I do keep at it do I stay here or move on to a different platform like wordpress or something which seems like a more grown up way to go for some reason.

I am one of those people that hates to see Christmas stuff go up in October.  I also have a rule about not listening to holiday music before December first. I want to very deliberately savor the season of Thanksgiving before diving into the joyful and thoughtful season of Advent and Christmas. However, due to the fact that we celebrate Advent as a family and at church I have to open that door a bit in order to plan and prepare. Not to mention the planning that goes into our 12 Days celebration means I'm already having to think about presents and stuff. I'm really trying to keep a tight reign on things though so that Thanksgiving is given the proper attention. I realized yesterday that I really want some stuffing. I also realized I am not sure why I only make it once a year but so far that seems t be what I do. I treat it like eggnog which means it's seasonal. Except I was surprised that eggnog was out at the store before Halloween even. Don't tell my kids but I already enjoyed some. The next thing you know they'll want to start listening to Christmas music.

Saturday ended much the way it began with a family session that wrapped up in time for me to enjoy a beautiful sunset. Pretty spectacular book end to the day, don't you think?


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