And the sun set on the fifteenth of December.

On Friday the sixteenth a sigh of relief echoed across the land as school dismissed early and Christmas break began. My oldest daughter had the bright idea (ha, I love puns!) to take a Christmas photo of the Hadding Five all wrapped in lights. It was somewhat successful but Sam quickly lost interest in trying to get it just right and abandoned our project. The cats were not anymore enthusiastic to take his place but us girls enjoyed plenty of laughs.

As the sun rose this morning I enjoyed my cup of tea in the glow of the twinkle lights on the tree. The day is full of feasting and fun as most of my family gathers for an early Christmas celebration. We started the tradition years ago when all of our kids were little so that the ones who have to travel could still enjoy Christmas morning at their own house. We're hosting this year so there has been a flurry of cooking and cleaning and I am so looking forward to the chaos and noise that is us when we're together.

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