Some friends of ours have started the process of building a home and I really enjoy getting updates and talking about home planning and arranging and such. The other day we were talking about bathrooms and things we like or don't like and I mentioned that we get the most lovely light in our master bath. We have one of those large windows made up of the square blocks of glass and it makes for the most amazing diffused natural light. 

During the summer it can also make it pretty warm but during the cooler months the sunlight just makes it nice and cozy. It's not unusual for me to find one of the cats hanging out it there soaking up the rays.

Abby woke up and wandered it to pet the cat and enjoy the warmth too.

She didn't realize she had walked into a photo session but what photographer in their right mind good resist that hazy soft light?

I couldn't.


I appreciate any thoughts you'd like to makes our visits so much more enjoyable!

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