It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, y'all.


Normally I am right on top of things and get going on the first of December but it sort of sneaked up on me this year.

Yesterday, my beloved got everything down out of the attic and this afternoon I started pulling it out and figuring out what I want to use and where. Usually, I decorate the mantle with fresh cuttings and candles but I always feel so bad for Sarah. As pretty as it may be her allergies just can't take it and this year I decided not to make her suffer through it.

Turns out twinkle lights and sheer fabric are rather pretty too ;-)

Our advent wreath has been out of course and for some reason tonight it really captured Tom's attention.

Mind you, last year he singed off half of his whiskers being so curious but he doesn't seem to remember.

Not sure if curiosity will kill this cat but we've learned not to leave any burning candles around him.

There is an excitement that comes from getting the decorations out and up. It opens a door of anticipation as we eagerly await Christmas morning.

But it's not for the presents or the time with family only that we long for. It's the day we joyfully celebrate the birth of a King in a feeding trough. It is because of the Light of the world stepped into time and space that we can truly and freely enjoy the presents and family and friends.

This is the week of peace in Advent and I was reminded of these wise words shared by a friend several years ago, "Advent is not about getting your heart all righteous and ready with peacefulness and quiet so that you can have four weeks of heightened worship and a spiritual experience. It is the work of longing and groaning, of fighting for hope in a dark world, of choosing faith when you are discouraged, and rejoicing in hope because all is not lost." (Christine Keegan)

All is not lost and as every Christmas decoration is put out and every candle lit or twinkle light is turned on we grow in our anticipation of lauding the day of His birth.

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