Annnnnnnnnd the three is up!

Not very big but it's cute. And the best part is that finally, after several years of longing for a genuine real life popcorn and cranberry garland, we successfully made one this afternoon. After asking around and getting a few pointers from a friend we managed to avoid some mistakes and string up some homemade old fashioned pretty for the tree.


Sam was busy making his New Year's Eve play list (DJ Hadding is in the house, Mom) so the girls sat at the table and did the work.

I way over made popcorn yesterday so if you have need for some stale popcorn let me know. (Photo Cred ~ Abby)

The upcoming week is supposed to be warm and wet but with the tree decorated I wouldn't be surprised to find the a/c turned down and the sparkle lights turned on.


  1. I love that, Marty. How long is the garland and how long did it take to make it? I'd love for your to share those pointers. xox

  2. I think the longest single strand we did was maybe four feet. Smaller strands that we tied together seemed easier to handle. The biggest hint that helped the most was only stringing one cranberry for every five or six pieces of popcorn. Otherwise the cranberries get so heavy they cut right through the thread. It only took us about an hour and a half...but three girls were working on it. It was fun and I think it may be one of our new traditions!

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