This is the first year I have not missed a day in the December Photo Project.  I'm pretty pleased by that.

Unfortunately, I haven't posted or shared them each day although I have still enjoyed seeing everyone else's offerings on the facebook group page.

In order from the last five days:

Day Nineteen:
I think I found this bowl at a dumpy old resale store and fell in love with it. I use it a lot at Christmas and Easter.

On the 20th we went to Chipley and celebrated Christmas early with family. My niece's family has a new home and they were wonderful hosts. Her tree was particularly pretty.

Day Twenty-one:
When Rob and I married I carried white tulips. It makes me quite happy every year when tulip season arrives because they are forever connected to one of the most joyous moments in  my life. I couldn't resist snapping a quick photo with my phone at the bunches for sale in Sam's Club the other night.

Day Twenty-two:
Sunset at my happy place after a photo session. The view from my corner of the world is pretty spectacular.

Day Twenty-three:
I didn't buy the tulips the other night but a sweet friend gifted me a lovely bouquet the other day. The light over our bar gets rather dramatic in the evenings and I couldn't resist another picture.

So only two more days to go before we wrap up this year's photo challenge! Surely, I can manage two pictures and actually complete the series :-)

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