I took a lot of pictures today just for the sole purpose of having one I really liked to share for the first day of the December Photo Project. It was fun to grab shots of random things for a specific purpose. It was nice to be pushing myself to look for beauty.

First, I was drawn to the way the early morning light glittered and glistened on the graceful arch of this plant. I thought it was fitting as we enter into the Advent season remembering that the Light of the world has come and we eagerly prepare and wait for His return.

And of course we are pet owners this year which means there is no end to the photo ops of kitten cuteness. But can you imagine the good natured ribbing I'd get from my beloved if my first DPP photo was of one of the cats?

There would be no end to the crazy cat lady jokes. (I am sure they will probably make an official appearance though. I mean seriously, how cute are they?)

Then this afternoon Emily was playing the piano and practicing for the school Christmas concert that will be on Friday evening. She's playing one of my favorite Christmas songs, What Child Is This, and it's so lovely to listen too.

But the one image that I couldn't get away from...the one I choose to start off this year's DPP  I also took this morning. I hesitated because my last post was of something similar...those glorious beautiful Bradford Pear trees in our area.

This one is in my own front yard and as it stood there in all it's autumnal glory under the bright blue morning sky I was reminded that the seasons are given for our good. That we need life to slow down and go dormant...we need the coming season of death so that new life can begin again with all it's promise of hope.

DPP 2014

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