It's not that I didn't take the pictures each day ~ I even uploaded them to facebook. It's just the blog was m.i.a for a few days due to a domain renewal snafu. But thanks to my wonderful long suffering husband it's back and I'm going to overload this post with the pictures that weren't shared on their day. (Actually it's not much of an overload just about three or four pictures.)

Day Nine ~ the way every morning starts for me :-)

Day Eight ~

Say Seven ~ 

Day Six ~ This one has garnered a lot of attention. The colors were what caught my eye and there was no way I wasn't going to try and capture what I saw. I drove around the block downtown and looped back to take this picture.

There now. All caught up :-)


  1. I love your perspective on photographs : ) Hopping over from the Facebook group!

  2. Thanks, Lyssa! I appreciate that you took the time to come over :-)


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