It has been a busy day. All chopped up into bits and pieces of time. Not a bad day but that kind of all-over-busy-ness bothers me. The older I get the more uninterrupted I like my days. Which is hilarious because I have five children. There is no such thing.

Regardless of the hectic back and forth kind of day this evening has been pretty calm and rather pleasant. Currently we're listening to A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio. It's one of my favorite jazz holiday cd's.

After dinner my beloved lit a fire and we settled in for Advent. I think we all look forward to this peaceful way to wind down our evening. I love hearing the questions the kids come up with. It's a sweet family tradition.

I started a new tradition tonight too. It's called the I-really-want-some-fudge-so-I-am-going-to-make-some-and-blame-it-on-the-holiday tradition. It's a new recipe so I'll let you know how it goes.

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