The I-really-want-some fudge-so-I-am-going-to-make-some-and-blame-it-on-the-holiday tradition yielded a mighty tasty confection. It also yielded quite a lot. Like, seriously a lot. So I shared some this morning at my weekly moms group and had a few friends mumble their hatred for my new tradition through a mouthful of fudgy goodness. There's plenty left, and by plenty I mean well over half a pan, so I am taking it for dessert at our church dinner tonight.

This recipe is definitely a keeper but I think it will only be made to give out as a gift or for parties and such. I had no idea it would make so dang much. I guess my friends better get ready because I really want to try a peanut butter fudge. That one I may have to give away for the sake of my own waistline.


  1. It was some seriously good fudge!! I'd like the recipe please. -Kristina Croley

    1. Thanks, friend! I made some tonight but used peanut butter chips instead of chocolate and boy, oh, boy!


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