She's turning eleven today, this sweet gentle child of mine. The the one I wish I were more like.

She's just sweet.

I mean genuinely sincerely sweet.

She is one of the kindest people I know. In the second grade Abby was doing some kind of challenge at the white board with some other students. Abby lost but immediately hugged and congratulated the winner and told them what a good job they had done. That's just her nature. She's just happy for people.

She is unbelievably tender and accepts correction with a tender and contrite heart, quickly seeking forgiveness.

Of all of the children she is the one most likely to get lost in the shuffle and we have to work really hard not to let her get pushed aside because she is so compliant.

She's also the quickest to laugh at herself and allow others to find joy in her silliness. Which is good because she is also our flightiest child.

She can be dramatic and somewhat flamboyant and hippie-ish in style.

She's pretty smart but I don't think she realizes just how smart. She can be content to drift along and needs to sometimes be reminded she can go further. Out of the Winnie the Pooh characters she is definitely Piglet ~ very careful with herself but an encourager.

She also has the greatest hair. When she was born it was jet black and she had a sure nuff straight up mo hawk. Now it's thick and blond and a perfect frame for her blue eyes.

When she was a toddler she could stare me down. Seriously, I was so bad at keeping a straight face and laughing at her that even Sarah used to get on to me. I couldn't help it though. There was just something so precious about her that made my heart smile.

She's still that way. She makes my heart glad and what I hear from others is that she makes their heart's glad too.

Happy birthday sweet Abigail Christine! My prayer is that you will continue to cultivate that gentle and quiet spirit which is so precious in God's sight and such a blessing to those around you.


  1. She is beautiful--inside and out! Hope she has a very happy birthday!

    BTW, the secret to winning those staring contests is to not look directly at the eyes, look at the nose or forehead. (I read this in "The Clock of Life."

  2. Strange, but from a father and grandfather's point of view, she is the one I find most like her mother..:)

  3. Such a very lovely daughter. And beautiful tribute from her mom.

  4. What a beauty! The facial expressions you captured portray her exactly as you've described! :)

  5. Awe!!! I love this!! Happy {late} Birthday to your sweet girl :) I love the descriptions you wrote of own daughters are so different already. God makes each one of us an individual for sure! Your pictures of her are just beautiful!! I hope you and your family have been doing well!! ~ Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments over at Chaos & Coffee :) Have a blessed day my friend!!

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