Technically the first (full) day of school is next Tuesday. At least that was Sam's answer when I asked him how he liked his first day of school. Have I mentioned how literal* he can be?

I don't really have a whole lot to share except that:

a.) He was super happy to go.
When I went in to wake him up he rolled over pretty quickly and told me, "I've been laying here trying to sleep." He also said, "See you later, Mom" as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. Oh, no you don't buddy boy! Mamma is coming inside! Although I did not hover and only peeked in his class a time or two. Or  three.

b.) He hugged almost the entire student body.
It started in the parking lot. He saw one of his best friends. And then Mr. K. And get the point. When we got to his classroom he walked between each of the rows and greeted everyone in his class. A hug and a "Classmate!" if he wasn't sure of a name.

c.) He did very well.
I knew he would. I mean, I knew they would have to tell him to slow down and that one hug per person is sufficient and that he couldn't just talk when he wanted to. And they did and it was exactly what he needed to hear so that he can learn the social ques that govern us all. The sweet lady in this picture with Sam is Ms. Noland. She's his core teacher and honestly she could not be a better fit for him. She has a very calm and quiet demeanor that helps pull him back when he gets ahead or is moving too fast. Which happen often.

d.) He was starving when we got home and I am pretty sure my grocery bill is going to go up because school boys expend a lot of energy being smart boys. That's what he calls himself, proudly announcing that he is a School Boy now.

My heart squeezes at the words and my throat gets thick with emotion because of the satisfied way he says them. Like he knows that somehow he is a little more like everybody else. It's the difference in always visiting some place and loving it and being welcomed there and moving in...of finding your place...of taking your place.

I can't wait to see what this year holds for him.

*His latest joke:
What is Amelia Bedelia's favorite shape?

A quadrilteral :-)


  1. Oh, this just warms my heart! Love his sweet, smiling face, Marty! :)

  2. He looks very happy and relaxed


    1. He is completely comfortable and happy there :-)

  3. What a happy kid. I would have sure liked to see him that morning getting ready. I bet he was spreading all kinds of Joy around. Tell him congratulations from us.


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