What is it about little girls and their love for horses? I've only met a very few that didn't get all gaga over the four legged creatures. Of course it's also been said that all horses, at least once in their lives, deserve to be loved by a little girl.

I guess it's a perfect match for Miss C and Shorty then because this girl loves her horse! I was so excited about their pictures because even in camera I knew they were gorgeous...the sweet affection between the two combined with the perfect afternoon light made the whole session a breeze. Not to mention is was followed up with the best grilled hamburgers I'd had in a long time and some good times hanging out with good friends. (Have I ever mentioned how much I love doing photography?)

How cute is she? Miss C is in my daughter's class and she is as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. We've truly been blessed to know her family and call them friends.


  1. Beautiful photos! Have a great weekend.

  2. LOVE all that backlight (it's my favorite light to shoot in these days)!! Don't you just love it when you KNOW the pictures you're taking are going to rock? :)

    1. I get positively giddy! And I am really enjoying the summer light and doing more flare and back light.

  3. Love these, they have a real fairy tale quality to them


  4. girls and horses are always perfect combinations...and such a beautiful light! wonderful!
    stopping by from friday favorites,

    many greetings, noni!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the sun flares too... The make even simple moments like the ones above so magical!!

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