We're wrapping up our first week of summer break, and between it and the final week of school, blogging has become somewhat sporadic. But I think things will settle down pretty quickly. You know, once I figure out schedules that include flute lessons, a photography class (for Em...not me), volleyball practice, moms group, etc, etc, ect. It sounds hectic and summer still comes with a flurry activity but it's different, more laid back...less checking the clock to see how close to bedtime we are...more sleeping in and late night swims.

Last night we went to Music in the Park. This week's band, The Not So Fab Four, was a Beatle's cover group. They had a good sound, the weather was perfect with a wonderful breeze, and the company of lots of good friends.
My girls...growing up so fast.

 Best buds...

Goodness but this little fella will just make your heart melt!

Some tasty watermelon...

Squishy hugs...Mr. T wins!

Photo Story Friday


  1. OH! I love this post! and your photos are sooooooo GREAT!!!! It looks llike you all had a wonderful time. have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you! We did have a lot of fun...we may just have to make this a weekly event :-)

  2. Great family photos, beautiful delightful smiles!...Christine

  3. I love the spontaneity in your portraits. They are gorgeous and what a fun and happy day. Thank you so much Marty for sharing your beautiful day at our party. Have a nice weekend,

  4. Visiting from Ready to Waltz...love your family bonding pics♫ My Waltz: http://lauriekazmierczak.com/cow-clique/

  5. hi there, i found your super awesome blog via "serendipity" blog and am just happy i did.
    your photography is amazing.
    what a beautiful post you shared with us.

    happy weekend~

    1. Thank you so much, Betty! I hope you come around again :-)

  6. You've left me relaxed with this post and the lovely family photos. I feel like I'm there with a breeze ruffling my hair and the cooler night air filled with the sound of music and the laughter of friends.
    Gonna go find some concerts in the park here for us where we can unwind with friends.

    1. Janis, that is one of the sweetest comments I've been given...thank you!


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