We've learned that there are twos ways to view having a pool. They are a lot of work and not worth it or, and this is us, they are a lot of work and worth it. It gets so hot and humid here in Florida and we have a lot of little guys running around in our world so having the pool is a lifesaver. And a lot of fun!

Although apparently you can be just as happy with a water hose and a willing victim.

 And baby floatie mats can make great disguises...he looks like something out of Despicable Me, doesn't it?

I think maybe he was doing the robot dance as he got out of the pool??

Pencil dive!

Photo bomb fun because that's the way Sam rolls.

Cannon ball!!!

It's a flipping good time!


  1. I wish the weather was warm enough in the UK to have a pool like this.... so much fun


    1. It was but I bet there are things about the UK that we'd wish for :-)

  2. I imagine that a pool really is a must if you live in Florida. Here in Wisconsin they are mostly a pain in the butt. ;)
    Excellent photos! Now that is summer fun!

    1. I would imagine that the swim season is significantly shorter in Wisconsin than it is here :-)


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