We're on Spring break! A whole week of not getting up at 5 am. A whole week of not having anything that must get done. I'm already melting into a relaxed puddle of laziness.

We actually had Good Friday off and spent it at the beach with some friends. 
Perfect day.
The weather was gorgeous. The beach was gorgeous. Perfect I tell you.
My best girlfriend and her three kiddos are coming into to town today to spend the week with us so even if it is supposed to rain some this week we're going to have a great break.
Blogging may be a bit sporadic but I haven't forgotten that it's April so the autism post will be coming up along with the usual recipes and photo sharing.
Happy week y'all!


  1. I'm at the beach here in Oregon right now as I'm commenting to you. We had a cloudless Easter weekend, but today the sea is gray and foggy, but any day by the sea is good to me! Thanks so much for your kind comment on my photo and verse.

    1. Elizabeth, I am with you...any time at the beach is good! Rain or shine it is just an amazing piece of God's handiwork :-)

  2. Enjoy your spring break! We, too, are on spring break this week and the relaxing has begun! :)

  3. We live in a beautiful place! Hope you had a great Spring Break.


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