It wasn't really that big of a deal. A quick trip to the local Publix store down the road to wrap up their study on nutrition. But the first words out of her mouth yesterday morning were, "Mommy, can you go with me?"

See, last year in K4 was the big field trip...her first one ever. It was to a strawberry picking farm and she could barely wait for us to go. She was buckled into a classmate's car and we were about to pull into the caravan and leave when an entire cup of  French vanilla creamer mixed with a little bit of coffee sloshed down into my shoes and puddled on my lap. No way could I continue on with them right then; nor could I head home, shower, and change and meet up with them...our house lay in one direction and the strawberry farm lay in the other.

I missed my baby's first field trip.

So when that sweet little face looked up at me yesterday morning and asked if I could please go with her class I mentally rearranged my plans and went with her. To a grocery store of all places. But it was fun to watch her class charm the workers, pet Larry the Lobster, and explore the behind the scenes nook and crannies that we normally never have access to.

I'm so happy I went with her!

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  1. Cute photo! That's so great that you were able to join her on her field trip :-)

    1. I'm really glad I got to go with her :-)

  2. Best expression on her face EVER!


  3. Field trips are so much fun. I love the excitement that you captured in her sweet expression.

  4. The funny thing is I think they were just holding up a vegetable and asking them if they knew what it a brussels sprout or something :-) She was delighted to know the answer as you can tell.


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