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52 Weeks of 2012, a set on Flickr.

I've had another blog for two years where I do a picture a week for a year. A few months back though it stopped letting me post more images for some reason so I stopped posting them but I kept taking them and storing them on my flickr site.
I deliberately didn't shoot during week three...I has just finished shooting a wedding and sometimes my creative brain needs a rest after a major event like that. But I think I made up for it in other ways...I experimented a little, have pictures shot from an airplane thousands of miles above the earth, and I even got a lightening strike. It was a good year behind the camera!


  1. As long as you resize your photos to 800 or less, blogger will let you post them free. I used up all my space too and they wanted to charge me for more, but read and found out all photos 800p or less are free, so now I just resize all the ones that I use on my blog.

    1. Oh, thank you Elizabeth! I wondered why it told me that but I've never had it happen on any of my other blogs :-)

  2. Marty, your pictures are so beautiful!!! There is so much detail and color!! You truly capture special moments :) Thanks for sharing them with us! Have a blessed and happy New Year!!


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