In late spring I had the honor of photographing a wedding vow renewal for a dear friend's parents. Forty-five years they were celebrating. So much love was present...the devotion to each other was beyond was a visible expression of two who had become one.
She became a little emotional walking down the aisle and I'll never forget the way he smiled and held his hand out to her. It was a practiced that you just knew had happened before over the years when everything in their world would go a little crazy...he'd put his hand out to her...pulling her to his side offering comfort, protection, an anchor to withstand whatever storm they were facing.

Over six months later and I still get teary eyed looking at their pictures. And it's not because I'm so close to them or know them so well. It's that their devotion to one another is so clearly heard in every gesture and smile.

Yesterday he was moved to hospice. I just can't imagine...and once again I am without words and overwhelmed by the beauty of their love for each other.

May God be gracious in mercy and may peace and comfort surround them.

Updated: Earlier this morning Mr. McShane passed away very peacefully with his wife at his side. He will be greatly missed but we rejoice knowing that he has been completely healed and is with his Lord.

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  1. The sweetest thing ever!! And, the shots are beautiful, Marty.

    P.S. trees are up. (I have 4.) We're hosting a combined Thanksgiving/Christmas for my in-laws from NY, so I wanted everything ready when they arrive on Monday. :)

  2. Beautiful love. Beautiful lives. Your pictures capture both so clearly.

  3. Beautiful...Love the way he is looking at her.


  4. That is so beautiful. I just love the images and how you can really see the love.

    Prayers for Ms. McShane and family. I can't imagine how she feels.

  5. So beautiful . . . it's nice she was with him when he passed. My mom and dad both died alone and it's a memory that will always haunt me.


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