I like pretty food. I really like food that taste good and is pretty. And if it's a dessert that taste good and is pretty I'm all over it.
So when I came across this pin for oreo pops I was thrilled. Seriously, it's oreos dipped in chocolate on a stick. Not much tastier or cuter than that. And she makes a point of mentioning her three year old helping out so it must be simple right?

Yeah, not so much. Do I feel slightly ridiculous because, it seems, that even a three year old can shove an oreo onto a stick and dip it in chocolate and apparently I cannot? Yep. But am I hiding this character flaw? Nope. I'm gonna put it all out there because that's what I do.

I'm just keeping it real.

My first concern was whether the sticks would go into the cookies easily. But that turned out to be no problemo.

(Here's a tip on melting chocolate that I picked up from my friend Jennifer...the crock pot. That's right. Drop that big ol' chunk of almond bark into your slow cooker turn it on high and perfectly melted, smooth, and creamy chocolate candy coating is yours in about 20 minutes. I usually do that first and I gather all my other ingredients while it's melting. Another plus is that it keeps the chocolate from hardening up while you're working with it. Which is good for me because I don't work well under pressure. I've also found it is easier to dip stuff into the chocolate because I can scoop it into a pile of sorts.

Bake to my nemesis oreo pops. I tried seven times. And I ended up with two actually dipped in chocolate with sprinkles and on a stick. And they of course fell apart the moment I tried to pick them up.

It wasn't pretty. Clumps of oreo were falling into my smooth-and-creamy-perfectly-melted-in-a-crock-pot-chocolate. But I am not one to be so easily defeated. Okay, I know I was easily defeated by a bunch of oreos on a stick that even a three year old could dip in chocolate but whatevs. I didn't stay down for long.

I made chocolate dipped marshmallows.

Have you seen the giant roaster marshmallows? They'r huge! And when they're dipped in chocolate they are quite pretty. (By the way I was doing all of this for a bake sale at the school. These giant marshmallows are a big hit and look very festive served in cupcake wrappers.)

Because I'm me and it's what I do I played around a bit taking pictures and even did a little abstract freelensing.

So if anyone decides to give the oreo pops a go I'd love for you to share the secret to your success. And pictures if you have them. I'll pin them. I promise :-)

PS I still had a little bit of white chocolate left so I took the last of Sam's gluten free pretzels and made some candy bark. One batch had pretzels and sprinkles and another had raisins mixed in as a nod to healthy eating.


I appreciate any thoughts you'd like to share...it makes our visits so much more enjoyable!

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