I've been doing photography for almost twelve years. I've upgraded my camera twice, bought one or two lenses and learned where to rent more. I've uploaded almost 9,000 images to Flickr since joining in October of 2007 and I have easily taken four times that number.

I've done first birthdays and 95ths; families, couples, high school seniors, bridals and weddings and 50th anniversaries, maternity and newborns. I've taken pictures of food, eggs being cracked, and how I set my table. My kids playing, doing school work, crying, laughing, even sleeping.

Photography is as much a part of me and who I am as the color of my eyes.

It's my thaaaang and I love it.

I'm not sure I can even explain why. There's just something in me that finds great joy and satisfaction in the process...looking for light...the right angle...capturing the moment when the moment happens.

I probably take anywhere between fifty to one hundred pictures a week. I share them on this blog, one on my weekly project blog, flickr and facebook. Today I am joining a linking party across the cyber world that wants us to post our best image from the week. I probably shot around fifty or seventy five images this week so far (it's not over yet ;-) but I knew when I saw this one that it was a keeper. It will probably go up at 52 Weeks tomorrow.

I don't know what makes it so special for me. I shot it through the screen on my kitchen window at an awkward angle no less. But the moment...the sipping on her coffee sitting on the front porch quiet moment last Sunday has just captured me as surely as I captured it.

Here's the link for the blog party. If you have time you should visit and stroll through her pumpkin patch and then visit some of the other links. I know I will.
Another blog I'm linking to...today's image makes me want to go to the beach.


  1. I'm so grateful to have discovered your blog, Marty. You have so many wonderful images and your thoughtful posts are always enjoyable to read.
    I haven't been seriously interested in photography for nearly as long as you, but I'm trying. I remember as a teenager, with my 110 film camera, using my youngest brother as a model to take pictures and having SO much fun trying to capture a mood or story! :) I didn't really dig deeper into photography until we had our first child 8 years ago! Since then, I think my family thinks I'm a photo nut! LOL!
    For me, children are my favorite subjects, but I will take a photo of anything that catches my eye! :)
    I look forward to learning from you and I will definitely go check out your other blog and the challenge one!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Thank you, Melissa! Are you on flickr? If you are what name are you under? If not I highly recommend it!

  3. I so hear you on this! For me it's that moment when I am looking through the viewfinder- my mind is on nothing else. I'm looking at the composition, settings, focus, light- I am completely honed in on my subject. It's these little breaks, momentary breaks from everything else that are so wonderful.

  4. Emily, right? I could tell her by her arm and that's funny to me. Unless I'm wrong. Then it's funny in a different way.

  5. I love photography too:) I am no means great at it but I do enjoy it:)

  6. I agree with you, there is something so beautiful about this image. Thanks so much for your kind comment today. :)

  7. It's so peaceful and serene. I'm always envious of people that can capture and set a mood with a picture.

  8. very beautiful... evokes emotion. and i'm getting ready to upgrade my camera for the first time in 6 years... thank you for sharing your photo at 1440- hope you'll be back this week!

    1. Ooooh, which camera do you use and what are you getting?


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